Friday, November 7, 2008

Can you see Helen???

Ayman, Heather, Michelle, Paulo, Fouad (Raoul), Bryan

Bedouin Canadian Style-Hailey, Krista, Paulo, Michelle, Robert

Trying to be artist through Anne's glasses.

Three stooges - Paulo, Joanne and Krista

Jennifer is a little bit of dirt on her.


Our humble abode, the female bedroom.

Day one on the site.

Our leader trying to figure out where we are going.

Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane.

Michael becoming one with the culture.

Heather getting ready for sleep at the Halwe Bedouin Camp, very cold.

Hailey getting ready to hop on her camel

Charlie before he met his Angels.

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ivankatz said...

I enjoyed your blog. I was in Habaka Jordan with Habitat Global Village in May 2008.

My blog, Journey to Jordan is at: