Monday, November 17, 2008

This is my office in Habaka, Jordan I do have a mobile office on the bus also.  Just need internet

November 17th 2008
Well, I am home now and the blogging didn't go as planned.  I was hoping to add each day and keep everything in chronological order but that what happens when you don't have internet. So I apologize for the mess.  Still trying to figure out who this blogging works.  Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement for participating in my 5th Habitat for Humanity Build. Hopefully #6 will be in January to India (#1 on the waiting list), #7 in April to Papau New Guinea and #8 to South Dakota Indian Reservation.  Got to get to heaven some way....

Some interesting things I learned from my trip to Jordan:
-it is a beautiful country
-the people are always smiling and friendly
-there are more hills than San Francisco and you always seem to be walking uphill
-Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world, is really a wonder
-in small towns women don't smoke outside
-camels seem to love me
-that 16 adults in one room can keep themselves busy by playing dumb games night after night
-it is disrespectful to show the soles of your feet to anyone while you are sitting
-one of our members was walked home by Mike Myers
-another member met Olivia Newton John in an elevator
-that I am not too old to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor
-that I am too old to walk up 900 steps to see the Monastery in Petra, so I took a donkey
-there are very few dogs in Jordan, only the rich have them, but there are cats everywhere
-that you can get used to the "call to prayer" over the loadspeakers at 4:30am everyday 
-one of our members was helped by Christopher Reeves (Superman) when she was lost
-that you can spend 12 days with 16 complete strangers and they can become your friends for life

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